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Sustainable economic and socio-political development

Uganda's consistently high economic growth has been slow to trickle down to the majority of the population. Almost three quarters of Ugandans continue to live in multidimensional poverty with limited access to quality education and basic social protection. The unequal distribution of income and opportunities is a major obstacle to sustainable, inclusive and socially just development.

The FES contributes to overcoming this inequality through various activities that raise awareness for the economic, social and ecological effects of globalisation, regional integration and a market driven development model within the framework of a social democratic discourse. Creating research evidence, offering alternative models to the dominant discourse and enabling the participation of marginalised groups builds the groundwork for a more responsive and socially just development path. In the discourse, the FES emphasizes the crucial role of an active state in socio-economic development and encourages privileged social and economic actors to take stronger responsibility for the society as a whole.