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Articles of Interest

50 Jahre Uganda; Wenig Grund zum Feiern

Im Faden Kreuz der Regierung



African Perspectives on Social Justice; 
Oil and Gas Revenues for Inclusive Development -2016
Compilation of studies conducted in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
Publicatio as PDF 

African Media Barometer -Uganda 2016
The first home grown analysis of the media landscape in Africa
AMB Uganda 2016 as PDF

Policy Brief on the minimum wage in Uganda; An urgent call
Development Research and Training, 2013
Publication as PDF

Minimum wage in Uganda: A worker's advocacy guide
Development Research and Training (DRT), 2013
Flyer as PDF

Social Protection Floor in Uganda: A policy consultative report
Beatrice Mugambe, Rebecca Ssanyu and Janet Walakira; Development Research and Training (DRT) 2013
Publication as PDF

Social protection: International experiences and lessons for Uganda
Rebecca Ssanyu, Development Research and Training (DRT) 2013
Publication as PDF

Wachhund ohne Zähne: Der Anschein freier Medien in Uganda
Sarah Tangen 2013
Publication as PDF

African Perspectives on Social Justice 2013
John de Coninck, Julian Culp, Viviene Taylor
Publication as PDF 

The Federal Question in Uganda
Yasin Olum 2013
Publication as PDF 

The East African Common Market Protocol and Labour mobility in Uganda
Wandera Martin 2012
Paper as PDF

Role of the State in Economic Development: Employment Challenges in Uganda
Lawrence N Bategeka 2012
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Perspectives on cooperatives in Eastern Africa 2012
Conference Report 2012

Country Case Studies presented:
Ethiopia 1
Ethiopia 2

Other papers presented:
Cooperatives and policy advocacy in Eastern Africa
Cooperatives in Eastern Africa; Best Practices 

The first home grown analysis of the media landscape in Africa, Uganda 2012
Publication as PDF

Baseline survey on the implementation of new labour laws in Uganda: Case Study of Kampala, Wakiso, Jinja, Gulu and Mbarara districts
Uganda Labour Research Centre (ULRC) 2011
Publication as PDF

Unter dem Deckmantel der Demokratie: Die Wahlen in Uganda 2011
Sarah Tangen, Februar 2011
Publication as PDF

Einer für alle und alle für einen?
Sarah Tangen, Juni 2010
Publication as PDF

The first home grown analysis of the media landscape in Africa, Uganda 2010
Publication as PDF

Political Party Financing in Uganda
John Ssenkumba Senior Researcher Center for Basic Research, Kampala
Publication as PDF

What should be done to enhance tenure security in Uganda and further development?
Julia Schwartz, April 2008
Publication as PDF

International justice systems & the International Criminal Court
Opportunities and Challenges for Uganda, March 2007
Publication as PDF

FES Uganda Mainstreaming Gender: The Concept
Publication as PDF

Practising Gender: The Tool Book
Victoria Walter and Albha Bowe, Uganda 2001
Publication as PDF

Women's Experiences in the transition from the movement system to multiparty system of Governance
Jacqueline Asiimwe-Mwesige, Uganda 2006
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