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If you are interested in the history of social democracy, please have a look at the following publication published in the FES Digital Library.

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African Perspectives on Social Justice; Land, Food Security and Agriculture in Uganda

According to the census 2014 final results, the total population of Ugandans in 2014 was 34.6 million, and the population is still growing at alarming...

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African Perspectives on Social Justice; Oil and Gas Revenues for Inclusive Development

With the discovery of oil and gas in East Africa, comes the hope that expected revenues from the oil and gas sector will be utilised towards...

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African Media Barometer, Uganda 2016

The African Media Barometer (AMB) is an in-depth and comprehensive description and measurement system for national media environments on the African...

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African Perspectives on Social Justice, Social Justice

Justice can be a rather elusive concept. Scholars have debated for centuries about how to define and deliver it. Yet justice is, by and large,...

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The Federal Question, Uganda

The year 2012 marks 50 years since Uganda’s independence, during which time the country has seen many changes politically, socially and economically....

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Transforming Transport Unions through Mass Organisation of Informal Workers: A Case Study of the Amalgamated Transport & General Workers' Union (ATGWU), Uganda
Dave Spooner and John Mark Mwanika
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