Global Rights Alert

Global Rights Alert is a leading Non-Governmental Organization working to promote good governance of Uganda's natural resources. This encompasses oil, gas, metallic minerals, land, forests, water bodies as well as flora and fauna. 

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Kituo Cha Katiba

KcK addresses the problem of Governments in East Africa not respecting their constitutions, which leads to gross Human Rights violations, marginalization, oppression, civil strife and coups. As a Think Tank, KcK provides critical and up to date information to East Africans on constitutionalism, good governance and democratic development.

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Makerere University Business School

The MUBS Economic Forum is an all inclusive economic tthink-tank for Makerere University Business School. We do research, cause debate and make you understand the issues.

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Makerere University -Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science and Public Administration, offers courses that prepares students for professional careers in Politics, Public Service, the Private Sector and Foreign Service. The discipline of Political Science is the science or study of politics and Government. At Makerere University, it is divided into three sub fields, that is, Politics, Public Administration and International Relations. The study of politics focuses on the formation of institutions and processes that make, execute and enforce the laws of the society. 

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Parliamentary Forum on Oil and Gas

PFOG was formed in 2010 to provide a constructive platform for Members of Parliament (MPs) to meaningfully understand and influence the governance of the extractive resources sector, particularly Oil and Gas. 

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Platform for Labour Action

Platform for Labour Action (PLA) is a National Civil Society Organization that was founded in the year 2000. PLA is focused on promoting and protecting the rights of vulnerable and marginalized workers through the empowerment of communities and individuals in Uganda. Our target population are; vulnerable and marginalized workers majority of who are women, youth and children.

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Uganda Community Based Association for Women and Child Welfare

UCOBAC undertakes advocacy to influence positive welfare policies and programmes to empower women and children, their families and communities

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Uganda Press Photo Award

The Ugandan Press Photo Award is a photography competition open to Ugandan photojournalists and photographers. It is also a platform for exchanging thoughts and ideas about photography as a medium, through a series of workshops, exhibitions, talks, discussions, portfolio reviews and film screenings.

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Institute for Social Transformation

Institute for Social Transformation 

The Institute for Social Transformation (IST) is the East African home for Training for Transformation. It is based in Uganda and spreading its services to the seven East African countries; namely Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. It promotes the philosophy and practice of Paulo Freire.

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Uganda Office

5B, John Babiiha Avenue
P.O Box 3860
Kampala, Uganda.

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