East African Photography Award - Call For Entries

The Uganda Press Photo Award is proud to announce the first annual East African Photography

Award, open to all visual storytellers from the Eastern African region.

Citizens of Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda are warmly invited to submit their best photo stories to this dynamic new category.


For the inaugural award, we are keeping it open thematically. The world around us is changing fast,

and as creative workers it is our job to understand and keep up with those changes. Cultural,

socio-political, environmental and technological issues affect individuals and societies and the way

we live, and the old collides with the new at every turn. We are excited to see stories that show the

region and its people and cultures in a new light. This opportunity is open to any story that has been

worked on up until the 2018 deadline, and is an opportunity to share our different perspectives and

showcase our different and individual identities as East Africans.


The winner of the competition will receive a Canon 80D with an EF 18-135mm lens sponsored by Canon Central and North Africa and her or his work will be exhibited for one month during the winners’ exhibition in Kampala in October 2018. She or he will be invited to come to Kampala to

participate in the award-giving, the exhibition opening ceremony and the professionals’ week.

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